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    New Energy Charging System Industry Summit in 2016 --Organized and held by Shenzhen Woer New Energy Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd


    The application of new energy electrical vehicle (EV) is, to a large extent, limited by development of charging system. Charging EV in a safe and effective way has always drawn attention of those who keep eyes on this industry. In Sept 23, “New Energy Charging System Industry Summit in 2016” has observed the grand opening at Shenzhen Ginmau Garden Hotel, this summit is co-organized by SWNEET and Yimao business.

    Some of attendees come from the government, some from upstream and downstream industries of EV charging system, while the rest are from testing institution. One hundred and fifty attendees in total gather around together having exchange and discussion on topics of current status EV charging industry, technology bottleneck, testing standard and future trend, striving for path to accelerate the development of industrial integration.

    Picture taken on the spot of forum

    Keynote SpeechSharing useful knowledge on EV charging with highlight.


    During the forum, multiple professions deliver speech from their own perspective. Wen Xuan Sha, director of CHERRY new energy electrical vehicle technology Co.,Ltd , delivers speech <<some thoughts on new energy EV high voltage charging system>> which elaborates requirement on cable flexibility applied to EV, current ampacity, wire diameter, aging resistance and flame resistance. The quality should be guaranteed by platform and modularization so that help do cost down.

    CHERRY New Energy DEPT Manager: Xuan Wen Sha

    Dr. Xiao Na Song from Dongguan McNair New Energy Co.,Ltd delivers a speech <<Research Progress of Ultra Low Temperature Power Lithium Ion Battery>> and introduces the tentative exploration made by McNair New Energy on the realm ultra low temperature Lithium electronic technology, for example, to lower Graphite polarization and improve performance by adopting technology of Graphite modification.


    Dr. Xiao Na Song from McNair New Energy Co.,Ltd

    <<Technology Analysis: Vehicle Plug Conductive Charging>>,delivered by Cheng Zhi Chow, Senior engineer from Woer New Energy , analyzes all key factors that affect charging gun performance from multiple perspectives: performance, reliability and safety, and introduces improvement of technology.

    Mr.Chow believes charging gun should not become the bottleneck of EV/PHEV population.

     Cheng Zhi Chow, Senior engineer from Shenzhen Woer New Energy Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd


    << Construction from energy Ethernet to charging infrastructure >>, given by Lei Liu, vice general manager from new energy DEPT of Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, come up with the conception of two way interaction between smart grid and electrical vehicle and charging  infrastructure. “Luneng smart distributed charging system solution” is of prospect and enlightenment.

    Lei Liu, vice general manager from new energy DEPT of Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

    Besides, there are multiple professionals and experts of new energy charging business sharing their own insights with attendees, and arouse heated discussion.

    l  The certificate and detect of charging connectorby Shui Qiang Liu, head of China Quality    Center;

    l  Key spare part of new energy : high voltage wiring harnessby Tao Liu, director of high voltage electric DEPT from Zhongtong Bus Holding CO.,Ltd;

    l  A new generation of DC charging pile oriented to charging stationby Hai Hui Owe, R&D director of  Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech. Co., Ltd;

    l  Requirement of new energy vehicle battery to cable and connectorby Li Yong Shao product development manager from Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd

    l  Electric Vehicle Charging Testby Xin Huang, charging detection director from China Automotive Technology& Research Center;

    l  Development trend and requirement of new energy charging systemby Zhi Gang Yin,    chief engineer of charging technology from Hunan CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co.,Ltd;


    Woer New Energy:  Follow your original aspiration and you will succeed.

    As the organizer of the forum, the speech given by Peng Fei Ma, manager from Woer New Energy, draws many attentions from attendees. He admits that the original intention to establish Woer New Energy is to build a famous brand name that belongs to Chinese among new energy vehicle charging gun and charging station or even the entire charging system, to fill in the gap in this realm, to achieve progress side by side or even go far beyond the overseas brand.  To achieve this target, the concept and what Woer New Energy does. Blew is his speech abstract:


    Not just make product, but also make good quality product

    Woer new energy has conducted solid market survey at the initial stage of new product development. For example, Woer new energy has its team go to customer site to observe and study charging point and station, visit end users like bus driver and taxi driver by listening their experience to understand the customer demand and where should be improved in the development of next generation product, unlike others simply making copy products without analysis of customer demand.


    Also, Woer draws lessons from distinguished brand especially their technology, then makes improvement and innovation on the base of digest and absorbing. Woer takes some time to understand the reason behind each design even smaller to a bolt, a line, or a PCB layout. Not only to comply with new energy vehicle standard implemented by the Government, but also good experience from end user is of importance!

    Not readily to make promise, but Woer will keep word once promise is made!


    As a late comer, Woer definitely faces fierce competition from brands with long history. How Woer stands out from competition, we prioritize keeping promise ahead of price. Usually, Woer doesn’t make promise easily. Once Woer commit to someone, we will do whatever we could to achieve promise.



    To build one-stop procurement platform

    Peng Fei Ma, Woer New Enegry manager also introduces Woer plan to build up a overall one-stop procurement platform ,extend product lines ranged from cables applied inside electric vehicle, charging cables, high voltage connector, electric connector, wire harness to laminated busbar.

    Such platform covers the charging system of whole new energy vehicle industry.

    To build up Woer New Energy into a famous national brand, parent corporation Shenzhen Woer Heat-shrinkable Material Co.,Ltd provides great support and make large investment.

    Follow your original aspiration and you will succeed! At last, MGR.Ma express Woer New Engery has been always committed to the development new energy vehicle industry.

    Visiting Woer New Energy, witness strength and have confidence with us.

     Visiting Woer New Energy is the last part of industrial summit forum. Forum guests are interested to visit Woer New Energy, Wower Heat-shrinkable Material exhibit hall, electron accelerator  irradiation workshop respectively. They fully recognize and praise the progress parent corporation made in the realm of new material, as well as the new energy vehicle charging system, and express the good will that keep frequent interaction and capture potential opportunity.

     According to the 13th five-year plan enacted by China government, as of 2020, China annual sales volume of new energy vehicle is to reach 500 million. This brings a good chance for related enterprise for golden development. Meanwhile, it also brings challenge to technology innovation. The successful held of new energy vehicle charging system summit forum  provides a good platform and chance for exchange forward looking opinion towards industrial convergence and technological innovation. Woer New Engery ,as one important participant, will work with multiple cooperative companies to promote and push the development of new energy vehicle charging system not just in Shenzhen, but also to Guangdong Province, and even China market.